MOTIVATIONAL KEYNOTE: Scott Kress turns teams into passionate achievers.


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Scott Kress is a noted speaker, author, team building expert and leadership consultant, helping organizations turn their teams and leaders into passionate achievers. He has a Masters Degree in Leadership and has taught in the EMBA and MBA programs at the Rotman School of Management and the University of Edinburgh.

What sets Scott apart is his ability to scale mountains. Scott is the 51st Canadian to summit Mount Everest and most the 17th Canadian to climb the seven summits; the highest point on all seven continents. He has skied 1000km unsupported to the South Pole and guided a team of wounded soldiers to the magnetic North Pole.

So when Scott engages his audiences with audacious tales of an Everest climb where challenge and change were abundant, and seamlessly ties that into reaching ones professional and personal goals, one can’t help but listen.

And one can’t help but learn as Scott demonstrates that the tools he uses to find success in the mountains are the same tools that each member of the audience can start to use in their workplace.

Scott’s presentations are high-energy, engaging and passionate but most importantly they are relevant to the challenges faced by organizations and their teams today.

Each presentation is custom designed to meet your needs. Topic areas include; team building, trust, change, goal setting, leadership, overcoming challenge, perseverance, planning, team culture, conflict, and more.


  • Motivate and inspire your teams
  • Set and achieve stretch goals
  • Meet challenges with new enthusiasm
  • Engage leaders to build high performance teams
  • Understand how to flourish within change and ambiguity
  • Encourage ownership and accountability for results
  • Create big-picture thinking and generate interdepartmental collaboration

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Scott Kress Motivational Speaker

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