7 Summits Challenge

Blue Mountain Team Building

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Take your team to the summit and beyond as you experience team building on Blue Mountain’s Timber Challenge. This exciting program will challenge your team to climb the 7 Summits. Various roles include lead climbers, communications manager, base camp director and more. Learn what is involved in tackling some of the highest mountains in the world and examine communication, trust, goal setting, and many other critical team skills. Although there are non-climbing roles, those that choose to climb must understand that this program is our most physically demanding program and involves sometimes difficult physical challenges at heights of 40-feet and beyond.


  • A progression of team activities prepares the group for the high ropes challenge ahead
  • All participants are provided with the best equipment and instructed by highly trained and certified ropes course instructors
  • Participants can choose from a variety of roles, such as critical support on the ground to ascending the vertical challenge of their choice
  • A facilitated debrief session will connect the experience to relevant workplace learning
  • A complete safety system and training is part of this program but participants must be physically fit and comfortable with heights. This program is not for everyone


  • Push boundaries and overcome limiting mindsets to achieve personal and team success
  • Deepen a sense of responsibility, empowerment and ownership
  • Build trust amongst team members
  • Examine teamwork, communication, problem solving and many more critical team skills

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