Kingbridge Trek to the Top

Put Your Chef Hat On!


Climbing one of the tallest mountains in the world takes exceptional teamwork. The Kingbridge Trek to the Top team building program provides your group with a chance to work together as a team, and to climb together to the summit. In this high-energy program, your team will be tested through a series of competitive challenges as they ascend through various mountain camps, and ultimately make their summit bid on the Kingbridge ropes coursean unforgettable experience for your entire team. Take your Kingbridge event to the very peak of its potential with this innovative team building program – designed and delivered by Canada’s most experienced team development providers!

  • The group will be divided into separate climbing teams.
  • At each of the camps along the way, teams will be put through an engaging and collaborative challenge, as facilitated by Summit’s highly experienced and skilled staff.
  • In order to progress to the next camp and towards the summit, the team will need to use and refine their collaborative and communication skills to overcome each challenge.
  • This groundbreaking program will provide your team with a unique opportunity to experience an unforgettable adventure while taking in the beautiful natural environment at the Kingbridge Centre.


  • Develop camaraderie and relationships among team members through a unique shared experience.
  • Develop and refine collaborative problem solving skills through strategic team challenges intentionally designed to enhance various components of team performance.
  • Boost levels of energy and enthusiasm among groups through an active and motivational experience.
  • Take a refreshing break from inside of your meeting room, and experience the amazing natural environment of the Kingbridge Centre.

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