Niagara Falls Adventure Quest

Put Your Chef Hat On!


Incorporate some adventure into your meeting by experiencing some of the most exciting attractions that Niagara Falls has to offer – from the Niagara Sky Wheel, to the brand-new Zombie Attack ride, to the Great Canadian Midway. The Niagara Falls Adventure Quest combines these popular attractions with digital photography, interactive team initiatives, and a dose of competition to create an exhilarating team building experience that will be talked about for years to come.

Experience the incredible sights and sounds that Niagara Falls has to offer, all while dialing up the excitement and adventure with this unforgettable experience!

In partnership with Clifton Hill Entertainment, this program is designed and delivered by Summit Team Building – one of Canada’s leading team and leadership development providers!


  • Teams must use problem-solving and teamwork skills to find a series of locations – points are awarded to teams who can provide the most creative group photos at each of these places.
  • Premium locations are worth more points and will incorporate one or more of the exciting Niagara Falls attractions.
  • To succeed, teams must utilize collaboration and teamwork to decipher cryptic clues or identify a location based on a clue or photograph.
  • This innovative scavenger hunt will have your team exploring Niagara Falls and Clifton Hill in a fun and adventurous way.


  • Develop effective team relationships.
  • Take a refreshing break from the inside of your meeting room and experience all the adventure Niagara Falls has to offer.
  • Use creative problem solving to develop strategies that lead to high performance.

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