Emotional Intelligence


Whether as a leader or a team member, much of a person’s success is based on their ability to be in touch with, monitor and manage their emotional interactions. This is referred to as Emotional Intelligence. The measure of Emotional Intelligence (EQi) is a powerful predictor of success, and it can be improved through training. This course is based on the EQi 2.0 assessment completed online by each participant prior to the course. During the workshop, we build an understanding of key concepts, hand out personalized reports and provide tools to enhance emotional functioning. Participants create action plans to improve functioning in the two areas that they find to be most relevant to their workplace performance. A follow-up coaching call with a certified EQi facilitator is included to help the learning and action plan create lasting change.

  • The appropriate EQi2.0 psychometric profiling tool and report (on-line self-assessment or 360, workplace or leadership)
  • Lightly active team challenge activities
  • Periods of reflection and facilitated discussions
  • Presentation of current theories and models on the brain and emotional functioning
  • Creation of a personal EQi action plan


  • Learn about the emotional competencies of leadership and team work
  • Learn about your own level of emotional functioning in 15 different areas
  • Develop strategies and tools for dealing constructively with your own emotions
  • Develop strategies for dealing with emotion-laden interactions with others
  • Create and implement an action plan to improve your emotional functioning in two most relevant areas

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