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This team development workshop is specifically designed to get project teams started on the right foot.
Project teams are typically an assembly of people from various departments and often different organizations. If used effectively there is great potential in this diversity of skills and perspectives. However, there are
a great many challenges that must be overcome. Stakeholders may have unclear roles and competing agendas and priorities. Leadership, accountability, meeting processes and communications can be unclear.

Constructive differences can spiral into destructive conflicts rendering decision making painful or impossible. It does not have to be this way. Whether your project has a small budget or one in the multi-millions, a 3 month time line or 3 years, if you invest in building a solid team foundation with “Engineered Strong”, your return will be seen when it is required the most.




  • Your project team will develop and agree upon a common destination and a clear path forward
  • We will focus on building strong interpersonal relationships and highlighting team skills such as trust-building, communications, decision-making, conflict management and change management
  • Your team finish with a group charter and set of behavioural norms that are based on common experience and consensus


  • Build strong interpersonal relationships based on mutual trust
  • Create commitment to the same goals
  • Share common expectations around leadership roles, meetings, communication, decision making and conflict resolution
  • Leave with tools, such as a Team Charter and a set of norms, to hold one another accountable for their behaviours and actions

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