Put Your Chef Hat On!


Do you have a newly-formed team or one that is simply looking for a tune-up? In this session you will experience high performance teamwork, understand its value and know how to intentionally achieve it at work. You will build strong relationships and learn the critical elements of development: collaboration, problem solving, group decision making, trust and communication. Fun and challenging activities anchor several main learning modules. From these engaging experiences, team members establish patterns of successful interaction. Team members will finish by developing a shared team vision and creating a code of best practices to carry them forward. This workshop is appropriate for intact teams and project teams.


  • Four to six lightly active team challenge activities with debriefs
  • Presentation of key models for team development
  • Group discussions
  • Development of personal action plans and team best practices



  • Value team work and your team’s diversity
  • Be fully committed to the team’s success and vision
  • Understand development stages
  • Understand the qualities of great teams and great team members
  • Perform as a cohesive unit
  • Have a clear shared vision of your “world class” team
  • Create best practices for your team

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