MBTI Program


Do you have differences that split your team? Do you find that you communicate really easily with some of your work colleagues and have to make a real effort with others? We all have different personality styles that make it very easy to work with some people and challenging to work with others. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® is the most widely used and respected personality assessment for professionals, and is instrumental in achieving effective team work. This assessment provides valuable self awareness and we incorporate strategies that will help you bring out your strengths and develop your weaknesses. People that have the advantage of understanding how to communicate and work effectively with others are much more effective in the team setting and in working with customers.


  • A Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® assessment and Individual Report
  • A series of lightly active challenges designed to bring out your style
  • Debriefs and facilitated small group discussions
  • Tools and models related to working with your preferences and with your challenges
  • Identification of team best practices
  • Individual action planning


  • Value the diversity of other team members’ personality styles
  • Understand your own preferences for relating and communicating
  • Understand your teammates preferences for relating and communicating
  • Understand the elements of effective collaboration
  • Assess your personality styles’ strengths and weaknesses, and take action

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