Managing Change


Is your team struggling to keep up with the rapid pace of change? In Navigating Change we explore the link between our need for innovation and the challenge of coping with the change it inevitably causes. Team members assess their own change hardiness, learn about the change cycle, and develop personal strategies to move from denial and negative emotion to embracing … even driving … change. This workshop is appropriate for intact teams, project teams and team leaders. The workshop for teams is delivered from the perspective of embracing and adapting to change as a team member, and addresses current change events. The workshop for team leaders takes the perspective of how to engage people in an anticipated change process, and what to expect as they grapple with it.


  • A series of light physical activities
  • Debriefs and facilitated discussions
  • Presentations on current change theories and models from Kotter, Lewin and others
  • Change resiliency self assessment


  • Be aware of their reactions to change
  • Understand the change cycle
  • Identify personal strategies for becoming more adaptive
  • Learn to lead change
  • Develop strategies to support one another in times of change
  • Know when and how to communicate change
  • View change as an opportunity

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