Personal Development


The most valuable personal leadership development is possible when people combine an accurate picture of their current state (strengths and areas for development) with a sense of which attributes are most relevant to their career aspirations. 360 degree personal assessments have the advantage of confidentially gathering information from a variety of sources, including peers, supervisors and direct reports, to minimize ‘blind spots’ and provide superior insights into key areas of leader functioning. In the workshop, the presentation of the underlying leadership models is followed by report distribution, interpretation, individual action planning and one-on one coaching. Note, these assessments are appropriate for those people in an organization who are currently in or who aspire to leadership roles.


  • The appropriate 360 psychometric profiling tool and report (on-line assessments are completed by self, peers supervisors and direct reports prior to workshop)
  • Presentation and interpretation of the assessment tool
  • Periods of reflection and facilitated discussions
  • Creation of a personal action plan
  • Follow up coaching


  • Better understand the essential competencies of leadership
  • Have a clear understanding of their own level of functioning in key leadership competencies
  • Have an understanding of the leadership areas that are most important to develop in their near future as a leader
  • Create and implement a deliberate plan to improve their emotional functioning in two most relevant areas

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